Malik the lion is sick of not getting his snacks. Everyday he has to sit behind the glass at the Wellington Zoo and watch as thousands of scrumptious little humans walk by his enclosure.

So Malik finally lost it, and desperately tried to break through the heavy duty glass enclosure he calls home to get a taste of 3 year old Sofia Walker. Unfortunately for Malik, and fortunately for Sofia, the glass is made to withstand such attempts and the tiny girl was never in any danger.

In the video below you can see just how angry the 7 year old lion gets when he realizes that he will be stuck with the meat that is supplied by the zoo trainers. Look at his eyes and the deep breaths he is taking. That is one pissed off kitty.

Sofia, on the other hand, is one calm little girl and most likely headed to the snack bar to chow down on her own little snack of chicken fingers and french fries. The poor chicken didn’t even see it coming.

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"Can I pet the human mom? Please?" "No Malik! Stop tapping on the glass!"